Cloud infrastructure without the hassle

Maintain peace of mind with our secure, auditable cloud platform that simplifies compliance and operations

Created by engineers from

Embark Studios

Serverless from top to bottom

By utilizing Serverless technology in all parts of our stack, we're able to scale any of your workloads from Zero to Hero.

Application Workloads
Applications deployed on Molnett are fully managed and scaled by us. You define how you'd like your application to scale and we do it for you, so you can be completely hands-off in your day-to-day work.
By utilizing the amazing serverless Postgres distribution built by Neon, we offer a fully managed database solution that scales vertically and horizontally with your needs.
Object Storage
Our S3-compatible storage is used by all internal and external services. We run a major storage cluster that is both fast and incredibly reliable enabled by Ceph.

Where the shoe does pinch.

Zero-Trust Security

Our entire stack is built with secure multi-tenancy in mind. Your workloads are isolated using Firecracker on our own baremetal, with strong encryption at-rest and in-transit. By protecting your data, we're also protecting your customers data.

  • Audit logs for all services
  • Configurable encryption keys per database
  • Tenants isolated using Firecracker and Bottlerocket
  • Encryption in-transit with Wireguard
  • No Single-Sign-On & MFA tax
# Install molnctl on Mac OS
$ brew install molnctl
# Configure molnett for your application $ molnctl initialize
# Deploy a Docker image $ molnctl deploy
# Add custom domain $ molnctl domain add
# Test the service $ molnctl service check {"health": "OK"}

By developers, for developers

Our tooling removes the need for using Terraform and other IaC software. Define your architecture in a simple format and we make it happen for you.

Deploy your app in seconds
Molnett abstracts away complexities with modern container orchestration, ensuring users can effortlessly bring applications to life.
Integrated observability
Molnett provides a unified view of your applications, including metrics, logs and alerts.
Hands-off scaling
Manage your application's scaling behavior with metrics. Molnett will scale your application based on your needs.

Our mission

As a Software provider, it shouldn't be a burden to manage your infrastructure. Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to provide secure and scalable software for everyone.

Understandable pricing

Transparent pricing is a key element of our mission. We want to make it easy for you to understand what you pay for.

Less is more

Cloud can be overwhelming. We don't want to add to that. We provide you with the tools you need to get your job done, and no more.

Implicit security

Security shouldn't be an afterthought. We make sure that your infrastructure is secure by default.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out directly to our founders by sending us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is Serverless?
Serverless is a cloud computing execution model where the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation and provisioning of servers.
What is the pricing model?
Pricing is based on the actual usage of resources rather than pre-purchased compute capacity. Usage is metered in seconds for all resources.
What differentiates you from other platforms?
Molnett is build with the demands of the European market in mind. We fulfil the highest standards of data protection and security as mandated by the European Union.
When are you launching?
We are available for usage for selected customers. Sign up for the waitlist and we will notify you as soon as we launch.
Why is it for me?
You want to build a modern application, but don't want to spend time on managing infrastructure or compliance. Molnett is the right choice for you.
Where are you located and where can I deploy?
We are located in Sweden and all our infrastructure is located in the European Union. We are planning to expand to every major tech hub in the EU.

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