The platform team you've always wanted.

With a combined experience of over 35 years, we are industry experts in delivering groundbreaking work in areas like cloud infrastructure, backend software and technical organization. We are now available for hire as a team or as individuals to solve your hardest problems!

Everything you need

All-in-one cloud partner

Tech companies generally need 1 Platform Engineer for every 4-8 Software Engineers. With the Molnett's SRE team by your side, you could reduce this to 1 per 50!

This is a cost effective alternative to building out an entire infrastructure team. Future-proof your company by investing in a strong Internal Developer Platform, owned by you and assisted by us.

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Scalability for small and large companies
We've built environments in the cloud, and on-premise, that scale to millions of users. If you need to secure the potential scale of a startup, or increase customer happiness by reducing incidents, we're there to help!
Pull Request Reviews
Assistance in verifying functionality and correctness of Pull Requests made by your developers. This can raise your developer velocity significantly!
Performance optimizations
We can deepdive into any application and cloud setup to optimize for performance. Millions of requests per second is not a foreign concept to us.
Cost reduction
Many of the companies we work with have taken short-term decisions that lead to higher costs down the line. We can help you remedy these over just a few days.
Documentation is the core of effective development. Our high standards for the level of documentation will help you achieve high levels of productivity.
Continuous monitoring
We can continuously monitor your environments to ensure they are working at max availability and capacity.

Strong leader with in-depth knowledge of extremely scalable environments and processes from companies like Google, Spotify, King and more. If you are planning a major project or are having urgent issues with your production environment, this is who you need!

Mikael Knutsson
Technical Lead
Technical Leadership
Cost and Performance Optimizations

Our German bestie! Expert in regulated environments after years working with Cloud at enterprises like Bosch, Standard Chartered and more. Are you planning to effectivize your cloud setup or planning an ISO/SOC2 compliance? Then Sascha is here to help!

Sascha Eglau
Platform Engineer
Bank and Manufacturing

Versatile developer with hands-on experience all across the stack. Individually able to deliver from the idea phase all the way to deploying globally, with experience from companies such as King, Embark Studios, Jetstack and more.

Jonathan Grahl
Site Reliability Engineer
Unreal Engine
Google Cloud