Starting with Intention: Molnett Recognises International Women's Day 2024

Ida Sultan and Molnett

As three white men in our thirties at Molnett, we recognize a harsh reality: the tech industry still severely lacks in diversity, and we represent the current privilege. This International Women's Day, we welcome to Molnett and celebrate the already invaluable contributions of our first external board member, Ida Sultan! Besides being female, Ida also increases Molnett's diversity by having a business background with a special focus on brand positioning and market strategy.

Ida's impact, ranging from managing the entire process with our participation as a case study in the CEMS MIM program to challenging our business assumptions, highlights the power of diverse perspectives. Inspired by her example, we commit to building a better future where diversity of opinion and experiences is truly recognised for the value it brings to the industry.

Why Diversity Matters – Even for a Startup:

  • Broader perspectives = Better Solutions: Tech shouldn't serve just those who look and think like us. We want to build solutions that address a full range of needs, a core tenet of Molnett's mission.
  • Seeking Diverse Talent: Building great products requires more than just individual talent, something we have witnessed countless times in our careers already. Because of this, we will of course seek individuals with diverse perspectives and communication styles to foster a dynamic, collaborative environment where the best ideas rise to the top.
  • Building with Inclusion in Mind: Even at our current scale, we're committed to building an inclusive workspace where all voices have equal weight.

Taking Steps Towards Change:

We're aware that words alone aren't sufficient. Here's what we're doing:

  • Fostering Early Talent: We actively mentor and provide learning opportunities for thesis workers from SSE and KTH, bringing fresh perspectives and a range of cultural backgrounds and experiences into our work at Molnett.
  • Building a Diverse Leadership Team: We learn from the impact of Ida Sultan's expertise and actively seek further opportunities to expand inclusive leadership at Molnett.

Looking for Your Input:

As a young company, we have the chance to build diversity into Molnett's DNA despite the lack of it among the founders. How can we, as an early-stage tech startup, meaningfully contribute towards a more diverse and equitable tech landscape?

  • What opportunities exist for early-stage tech founders seeking to support diversity efforts?
  • How can we build a diverse pipeline of talent, even at our early stage?

We value your input and insights! Share your thoughts on our LinkedIn!